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Updated: Feb 15

This is an E-Sports Report, a new series recently launched by the Nigerian Gaming Community to keep records of past E-Sports event in Nigeria. This is an attempt to further improve E-Sports in Nigeria and it would mean data from this event can be used to help organize future E-Sports events.

Nigerian E-Sports League (NEL) hosted a #fortnite tournament on the 23rd of January, 2021.


🔥 Prize Pool 🔥


  • ‼️ 1st Place of Game 1 gets RGB Gaming Keyboard ‼️

  • ‼️ 2nd Place of Game 1 gets RGB Gaming Mouse ‼️


  • ‼️ 1st Place of Game 2 gets 120hz Monitor ‼️

  • ‼️ 2nd Place of Game 2 gets RGB Gaming Headset ‼️


  • DO NOT fight off spawn.

  • DO NOT fight or shoot at all until 2nd zone has fully closed.

  • DO NOT Stream snipe/use anonymous or streamer mode.

  • DO NOT grief players in any way until 1st zone has fully closed.

GRIEFING includes, but is not limited to,

breaking, shooting or entering player built structures/vehicles, stealing loot/vehicles or building on top of other players.


This Tournament was sponsored by GamerNG, a latop and gaming gadget store in Nigeria.

The tournament was a full room event, meaning 100 Nigerian #fortnite gamers participated in this event. The NEL being one of the most active E-Sports organizations in Nigeria has over 1000+ #Nigerian gamers always ready for tournament.

The tournament that took place 23rd January, 2021 was organized using the NEL Discord Server - NEL AFRICA ESports Discord Server!

Participant - 100 Players ( Nigerian Console Players only).

The Tournament saw 2 Arcade solo games

🔥 First Game 🔥

  • 1st Place - Tosin - Gaming mouse

  • 2nd Place - Moestoes - Gaming keyboard

🔥 Second Game 🔥

  • 1st Place - Ziad - 120hz monitor

  • 2nd Place - Assault - Gaming headset

You can watch the Live streamed event on the NEL YouTube Channel: NEL GamingYt

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